Robert W. Walker - voiceover artist  


Fast.. fun.. and a one-take wonder! Rob Walker's clients, producers and directors will tell you: this guy delivers, has incredible intuition for the right tone and energy right off the bat - and if you have "something else" in mind, Rob is superbly directable.

Ranging from warm and friendly to high-energy enthusiastic. He's given life to 39 hours of Coral Pictures' documentary series "EXPEDITION" - as well as hard-hitting, attitude-heavy promos for Top Rank's Professional Boxing Series on HBO - on up the energy-level ladder to hot-sell VO's for game show promos, kids-targeted commercials, and automotive clients nationwide.

Rob's home studio in Los Angeles is state of the art: ProTools HD, Neumann/Sennheiser mics, API preamps, Midas console ensure pristine quality. ISDN and Source Connect mean instant, real-time communication and worldwide remote recording. Impeccably clear phone patches are easy, too.


Robert W. Walker is a legendary on-air personality in broadcasting. Walker began his media career while still in high school, when he landed a job as the youngest on-air personality ever on a #1-rated radio station in the mid-west. Within a year, while his radio show attracted incredible ratings, and at only 17 years of age, he was off on a lifelong odyssey in the entertainment and media production business. He is responsible for launching and programming top radio stations in major markets for over 25 years and at the same time became one of the top voice-over artists for commercials, promos and narration for documentaries and biographies.

Walker is also a Grammy-nominated Writer/Director whose range of experience has tied his name to the names of music legends – from Sting to Gloria Estefan, Shakira to Sophia Loren. From entertainment to advertising, Walker's experience makes him one of the most qualified creative forces in the world today. As owner of a world-class recording studio, and partner in a high-energy creative production company, he has been a creator of all things visual/aural: from national television commercial campaigns, music videos and television shows and specials.

Worldwide recognition of his talents has been prolific: he shared with his partner, Mo Fitzgibbon, in Walker/Fitzgibbon TV & Films the prestigious National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Bravo Award for "Outstanding Made-for-Television Documentary" for Lifetime Television: Intimate Portrait: Gloria Estefan.

NARAS - the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, with which Walker has been associated since his early days – nominated Walker for a Grammy Award, for his creative direction and production work on Gloria Estefan's worldwide DVD release entitled Don't Stop.

Walker reflects on his record to date: "Awards, peer recognition, happy clients – these are glittering highlights in a career whose personal value to me is its ability to satisfy an extreme creative urge that has driven me since childhood, and blessed me with a fulfilling way to add to this world some measure of beauty, fun, knowledge or, at the very least, amusement of a sort, all the while providing for my family."

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